Internet Search Report: 

Anglophone Regions

The research in this project, concerning global and Anglophone markets for back and spine related Internet search terms, was carried out in May 2018.

The key tools used to perform the research were:

Google Trends

Google AdWords

Longtail Pro

Start Period

end Period

Anglophone Regions

Global Market

Global Search Trends 2004-2018

Trends are measured as percentages relevant to the maximum recorded search volumes.
The highest search volume recorded is therefore used as the 100% data point and all recorded data points below are shown as a percentage of the highest volume.

The graph below shows the Global Trend in Back Pain related search terms between 2004 and 2018.

Observations 2004-2018

Between 2004 and the middle of 2008 we see a general plateau.

Between 2008 and 2018 we see a steady increase in search volume in a linear format.

Outside of seasonal variations, over this 10-year period we see clearly that the overall global volume of searches has double. The 100% peak is noted in early 2018.

It should be noted that accessibility to making internet search dramatically changed from 2008 onward.

In 2008 Google launched its Android platform. The world of mobile search grew from its maternal to elementary status, as early adopters began exploring the possibilities of using informational research, gaming, and watch videos using handheld media as a form of passing time.

Today this is mainstream and accelerating strongly with the technological advances and increase network accessibility.

Observations 2013-2018

In these 5 years alone, we see the period of early adoption dropping off and mainstream adoption taking place.

Where the growth from 2008 to 2013 constitutes the increase from 40% to 65%, around 25% of total trending, the following jump of 35% takes place during this period.

If we look at this data in more granular form, between 2013 and 2018 we see a clear seasonal fluctuation in December/January.

This seasonal variation can be influenced by many outside sources, not least the increased awareness of both sickness and well-being associated with the “winter blues”. The effects of festive events are also evident. Notable a peak in search volume during the week between Christmas and New Year every year.

Geographic Interest By Region

Back Pain: 2004-2018

This shows in which location the term was most popular during the specified time frame. Values are calculated on a scale from 0 to 100, where 100 is the location with the most popularity as a fraction of total searches in that location, a value of 50 indicates a location which is half as popular. A value of 0 indicates a location where there was not enough data for this term.

Note: A higher value means a higher proportion of all queries, not a higher absolute query count. So a tiny country where 80% of the queries are for “back pain” will get twice the score of a giant country where only 40% of the queries are for “back pain”.

84Trinidad & Tobago41Philippines
67United States38United Arab Emirates
64United Kingdom32Nigeria
56South Africa25India
50Kenya11Hong Kong
46New Zealand8Saudi Arabia

Google Monthly Search Range
Data from May 2018

Highest Volume Keywords

Highest Volume Target Keywords: 100K – 1M

KeywordMin search volumeMax search volume
lower back pain100,0001,000,000
sciatic nerve100,0001,000,000
herniated disc100,0001,000,000
spinal stenosis100,0001,000,000
knee pain100,0001,000,000
shoulder pain100,0001,000,000

Highest Volume Target Keywords: 10K – 1M

KeywordMin search volumeMax search volume
back pain10,000100,000
lower back pain10,000100,000
neck pain10,000100,000
sciatic nerve10,000100,000
sciatica treatment10,000100,000
leg pain10,000100,000
spinal stenosis10,000100,000
upper back pain10,000100,000
sciatica symptoms10,000100,000
hip pain10,000100,000
slipped disc10,000100,000
knee pain10,000100,000
shoulder pain10,000100,000
sciatica exercises10,000100,000
elbow pain10,000100,000
wrist pain10,000100,000

Highest Volume Target Keywords: 10K – 100K

KeywordMin search volumeMax search volume
lower back pain10,000100,000
sciatic nerve10,000100,000
knee pain10,000100,000

Highest Volume Target Keywords: 10K – 100K

KeywordMin search volumeMax search volume
lower back pain10,000100,000
sciatic nerve10,000100,000

Download Complete Google Data File

This 64 page pdf document contains the complete average search data as compiled by the Google search engine as of May 2018,

Competition and Advertising Opportunities

Whilst the health and back pain market is fierce, that also provides large advertising potential.

People visiting medical websites are in search of solutions to remedy a painfully nagging physical impediment such as back pain. Access to a “Quick Fix” through an easily accessible, immediately downloadable solution through a limited feature free version is something that potential users are likely to explore.

A selection of highest ranking websites for Back Pain searches are listed below, and advertising slot are available on them.

It should be noted that these are not necessarily “Buyer Intent” keywords, but in general one wouldn’t make back pain related searches if one doesn’t suffer from back pain. Therefore many of these visitors will be in the “Awareness” cycle of marketing. These people know they have some kind of back relating problem and are exploring solutions.


KeywordsSuggested BidLocal SearchesAdvertiser Competition
sciatica€ 0.71100K – 1MLow
lower back pain€ 2.00100K – 1MLow
sciatic nerve€ 0.70100K – 1MLow
spinal stenosis€ 1.82100K – 1MMedium
herniated disc€ 2.61100K – 1MLow
knee pain€ 1.41100K – 1MMedium
chiropractor€ 6.48100K – 1MLow

Industry Reports

The health industry is rigorous in documenting the state of current and potential markets.

Below you can download reports from industry leading corporations relating global pain levels and the connected economic impacts. Easily accessible solutions leading to longer term medical treatments and multi-faceted care is one obvious outcome of future world health.

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